Bad day!

It was one of those days when, in the end you just say: Bad day!, but in my case it's like: Worst day! 

It all started on Friday, when after a football game I couldn't find my cap. I searched for it everywhere, but nothing and nobody saw it. I was very sad just suddenly. I bought that cap from USA, 3, 4 years ago and I wear it ever since (during winter, of course). I would wear even on summer, that much I like it - this is just to make an idea. So I got sad and I had nothing on my mind than that cap. I like to believe that I'm optimistic so I said: I'll search it on internet and I'll buy a new one exactely like that. Fortunately, when I got home, after I got dressed (preparing for shower) it just dropped out from my hoodie. Such a release. I was glowing of happiness. Happiest man on Earth... 

This was actually a sign! You'll never guess what happened next. First there was a minor problem at work which turned out quite serious. I found about it on the phone. Got home, log on messenger, found out more, and I did. Just some complaint. Not for me, but for my friend. Great freeling right? Anyway, I hope everything will be ok with that. 

Next! It couldn't go any better than this: 

A friend came with her friend so we had to go out with them. We did, but not before meeting at another friend's place. We made some photos and some more photos... until I dropped the camera and the lens got damaged. Lens Error!  Lens Error!  Lens Error!  Good! My luck was I have/had a similar, pretty much the same camera so I gave her my camera. I made like 50 photos in 6 months or so. Anyway, I was, and still planning to buy some smartphone so I won't need camera anymore. First I liked HTC Desire S, now I'm thinking more about a Samsung Galaxy Ace. A little bit more expensive but much better I thing. Now, this just made it a sure thing. Back to my sheeps now. 

This means nothing with what happened next! 

We were about to go out. I really didn't felt like going out because of that problem from work. I was just thinking about it all day long, as much as I was awake. I was even thought about it on the way to my friend's place, but I forgot about it ever since I got into his flat and it was me again. So we went out. We stopped to a kebap, got something to eat, then meet my flat mate Ritesh, then we went to McDonald's... Btw, I don't like McDonald's any more after this experience! :))  

There we was taking our orders. I didn't order because I ate before some hamburger from that kebap so I was not hungry. We were 5 guys and 2 girls were waiting after us. One of them came to me and said: You'll come with me and drink free vodka tonight! I was something like: Whatta f...!!! They gave us some flyers with some Oldies Party in I don't know what club. There were 2 tables with 4 chairs each, side by side. We were 5 and I had no place to sit so I asked those girls if can take a seat. Of course they said yes. Some questions about me. I answered with questions. Anyway, I just told them my name and what was I doind for a living more or less (pocitace, typing, etc). Nothing odd till now! They told me their fav color and so on. Anyway, some jokes. Here's the best part: One of them made me a picture. I had no reaction.  Then I asked them if they work at that club. They said yes and they also have some other jobs, that they are students. They said they are like 20 years-old. It was ok untill one of them said she's also a stripper... and I was like: WHATTA F...!!! again. I told one of my mates to help me get rid of them. My friends said let's go, so I said, sorry gotta go. See you later. After I just left, it just came into my mind that they made me a photo and a lot of thoughts were crossing my mind. She's a stripper and she made me a photo? FUUUUUUUUU!!! So I'm thinking about what can she do with my photo??? I can't stop thinking about it. 

Initialy I said I'll go to that club, find her and ask her to delete my photo. Then I said: When something goes wrong it can go worse than that! Some Murphy thing - I said it's better to just go home. So I did. I wrote this on my blog. Now I feel a little bit better. I hope nothing will happen  with that photo.