Youtube 2012, year in review: PSY was 2012's Internet breakout star as Gangnam Style approached 1 billion views and became YouTube's most-watched video of all time in just 6 months

PSY e cel mai tare din parcare în 2012! Are aproape un miliard de vizualizări  (mai exact 971,518,818) în timp de șase luni, adică record absolut pe youtube! 

Altele pe youtube:

  • The biggest cover video of 2012 belonged to Canadian band Walk off the Earth, whose unconventional take on Gotye's single became an international hit
  • For a week in March, the most-shared video in the world was a 30-minute doc from a nonprofit group driving unprecedented discussion and interest
  • Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and more kicked off the Call Me Maybe lip sync trend that helped make it 2012's song of the summer
  • In 2012, ERB's Season 2 drew over 250 million views and this political battle was one of the many, many videos we watched during the election season
  • TNT's launch in Belgium was accompanied by this epic stunt, becoming one of the most popular "ads" of the year
  • Emmanuel Hudson teamed up with Spoken Reasons, producing 2012's most entertaining commute
  • Lindsey Stirling's unexpectedly awesome combination of dubstep and violin helped make her channel a huge hit in 2012
  • Early in the year, this extreme look into father-daughter relationships in the age of social media sparked a storm of controversy and discussion
  • Felix Baumgartner's jump from space was one of the most viewed live events ever with millions of viewers tuning in or watching these highlights

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